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Tollyboy was originally foundered in 1956 on two guiding principles.

"Quality and security"

"Simplify and add lightness." J.H. Higginbottom 1956

To this day we still stand by those principles.

Tollyboy products are made to measure and should fit almost like a second skin.

Tollyboy products are non adjustable because like any made to measure item they are intended to exactly fit the wearer and no one else. They are designed for serious long term use to ensure chastity, not just for the BDSM scene. In BDSM play belts are typically worn for hours to days. Tollyboy belts can be and have been worn continuously for months - years. (Many belts are of course used for BDSM but it is not their only intended purpose.)

To make Tollyboy items adjustable would break our founding principles in the following ways.

Adds complexity leading to more potential points of failure.

  1. Adds weight making them less comfortable for long term wear.
  2. Adds bulk making them harder to hide under normal clothing.
  3. Increases the risk of unwanted rattles from chains, padlocks, loose adjustment points, etc.
  4. Every hinge, joint, adjustment point or padlock adds a jarring discontinuity to the smooth and elegant appearance of the product.
  5. We think now in 2023 as we thought in 1956 that the potential benefits of adjustability require far too many trade offs, degrading security, wearability and appearance for very little actual benefit.

Richard Davies 2023.

Many Tollyboy products are copied, but none equal our quality.
Copyright Tollyboy Products International June 2024.

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