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Product Announcements


We do not at present and never have offered a chastity bra.

Of every chastity bra from every maker that we have examined or seen good photos of over the last 67 years:-

  1. None of them fit like a second skin
  2. None of them have an even vaguely human profile.
  3. None of them could be worn under light or tightly fitting clothes without it being apparent that there was something odd under the clothes.
  4. Almost all of them are adjustable with padlocks on the back of the bra which rattle and also show though light clothing.
  5. Most of them pay no attention to the shoulder straps.
    5a. Metal strips are angled putting all the force on the narrow outside edge and raising a ridge in the clothing on the inner edge.
    5b. Chains are bulkier than needed, don't generally have padding under them and can pinch.
  6. Most of them do not have much if any padding to spread the load where the base of the bra cup meets the chest wall.
  7. Many of them seem to rely on the breast being squashed into the cup, filling it completely and preventing the back of the cup touching the chest wall.
  8. None of them have ventilation holes making the udders extremely sweaty and uncomfortable in hot weather or when exercising.
  9. None of them appear to have any proper measurements mostly only requiring, measurement of the chest, distance between teats and cup size of current bra.
  10. We have so far been unable to solve all of these design issues and will not offer bras for sale until ALL of those problems are solved.
  11. We also have to work out a measuring system that is easy for the customer to use at home that provides sufficient detail to allow us to make our usual made to measure, form fitting and not easily noticed under clothing product.

We will shortly be withdrawing our current thighbands from sale. This is because we have for a long time been unhappy with the design for the following reasons:-

  1. Legs are tapered not parallel and the thighbands should also be tapered to fit properly.
  2. Thighbands do not keep a constant height on the leg being able to move down when sitting or bent over and being pulled up when standing.
    2a. Because of this thighbands can't be form fitting to the legs.
    2b. The chains on the outside of the leg supporting the thighbands go slack when the wearer bends far forward.
    2c. This introduces the possibility of being able to work the thighband below the knee and if sufficiently flexible to take it off the leg.
    2d. This clearly compromises security.
    2e. This limits how low the bands can be set moving them higher up the leg and interfering with urination.
  3. The urine splashes on this chain and often from there onto the wearers legs requiring much more cleaning while at the same time getting in the way making cleaning more difficult.
  4. The chains connecting the thighbands to each other and to a lesser extent the supporting chains rattle.
  5. If the thighbands are not permanently connected to the waist band they are usually attached with padlocks which adds more bulk and potential rattles.
  6. Depending on how the wearer uses them there are potentially as many as 6 padlocks used. They rattle, get in the way and are uncomfortable to sleep on.
  7. We will be replacing the traditional thighbands with several new designs that don't have these issues and also have a more æsthetically pleasing appearance.

We will in the future be having a serious look at this product to see if there is a more elegant way to make it. We feel the overall concept of restraining the wearers hands out of the way while removing the belt for inspection and cleaning is good but somehow it just doesn't look quite right to me. For now at least the product will remain available in its current form.


I would be very happy to bring this back into production, I have all the DXF files for laser cutting of the metal components and would have no difficulty in making and polishing the various pins, rivets and lock for them. I do not have the equipment or experience for doing the leather work. If there are leather workers out there that would be interested in working with us to bring this back into production please get in contact.


We used to source our locks from Nashville Tennessee but are now looking for a European supplier of high security radial locks. We have not yet fixed on a new supplier, we are still evaluating, pick resistance, quality, availability of replacement pins and springs, difficulty of dismantling the locks for repair / modification / re-pinning, and cost.

I have just found a European supplier of 10 pin radial locks with anti drill technology. I have written to them already for a quote on these locks and assuming they work as intended Tollyboy will move onto these higher security locks.

We do however have a Galaxy lock made by the Australian Lock Company. You can see one in this YouTube link. These appear to be the most evil, secure and pick proof of the radial lock design, their price at about $200 AU reflects this. We are looking at how to integrate this lock into a special high security belt. We have some ideas that we think are good but no working prototype at this time. Future announcements will be made if / when we get this design working to our satisfaction.

We have in the past hand built 15 pin dual row radial locks, these are very rare and currently out of production. When we are fully back and working full time these will return to production. Announcements will be made at that time.

We have also modified standard locks to use trap pins. These are designed to jam the lock permanently if the lock is picked. The only ways out if that happens are to come to my workshop and have the lock disassembled or to carefully drill out the core of the lock with a tubular drill. These will also be returning to production at some time in the future. Announcements will be made at that time.


This is a very old Tollyboy product. I don't remember making one since I took over the business or for the few years I worked with Hal before that.

This is one of the two Tollyboy products to still close with padlocks, I am working on developing a radial lock version of this and probably offering both locking options.

I will be bringing this back into production over the next few months.


This is another product from the early days of the firm of which I have only ever made one, it has never been listed on the website. I am updating the design so as to offer it with both the original padlock locking system or the newer Tollyboy screw lock.

This will be returning to production shortly.


Yet another device from the archive of which I have only built one. This is a simple device that fits into the nose and grips at the thinnest portion of the septum about 8mm within the nostrils.

It is secure.

It causes no injuries.

It is quick and easy to insert and remove.

This is usually used with a leash.

The Scolds Bridle, Gag and Nose Tether were never listed on the website, they were only built as "Specials" by Hal. Information about them spread by word of mouth so most people never even knew we made them.

  • Anti tamper tape as used by the Police to secure evidence. New belts are shipped with this covering the key hole of the lock. It shows clear evidence of attempts to pick the lock or otherwise interfere with the internals of it. Suggested as a cheap, simple and unobtrusive way to enhance security.
  • Cable security seals for use on the waistband of the belt. These are a strong consecutively numbered metal seal with the cable being hardened 1.8mm diameter steel. These are not cheap easy to cut plastic seals but real high end security. Make sure you have something capable of cutting the seal before fitting it in place. Seals supplied with short length of cable to test your cutters.
  • Small parrot billed cable cutters to remove the seals. Normal wire cutters are unlikely to be effective.
  • Tamper evident bag to store emergency keys. These are the same bags used by the police to store evidence.

Many Tollyboy products are copied, but none equal our quality.
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