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Tollyboy Products International are manufacturers of chastity belts and anti-rape devices, designed to provide a high degree of security and protection for a wide range of applications.

All of our personal security wear is manufactured in stainless steel (medical grade 316), is comfortable and practical in use and is designed to last a lifetime.

Made in Sheffield, England, famous for its steel, they are the result of many years research and development. Our products are regarded as the finest and most effective appliances of their kind in the world and are especially suited for long-term wear.

Our range includes:

Chaperon and Guardian female and male chastity belts / anti-rape devices.

Sentinel ankle, wrist and biceps bracelets and neck collars.

Accessories and options  - additional shields, plugs, collars, restraints etc.

If you want something special designing or manufacturing please contact us.

Warning, some of the information on this site may offend some people.

Pupett, chastity belt model featuring range of belts including Tollyboy.

Engraving now available on all products, e-mail for quote

Translators wanted on voluntary basis

Many Tollyboy products are copied, but none equal our quality.
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