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Chastity Belt Repairs and alterations.

We have had many many years of experience working with chastity belts both for long term wear ensuring chastity and for the BDSM scene and pretty much any other reason someone would wear a belt.

During this time we have had many belts to repair, modify and repurpose.

We have experience with:

  • Tollyboy (Hal Higgenbottom & Richard Davies)
  • La Ceinture De Chastete (Bill Jones)
  • Access Denied
  • Cararra
  • My Steel
  • Neo Steel
  • Many cheap Chinese belts from unknown makers.
  • Belts old and new that seem to be one offs, home made or from firms long gone and not remembered, the very old ones are usually in black steel rather than stainless.
  • We have also done some work on a "Work Belt" clearly modelled after the photograph in John Willys Bizarre.
  • We have seen and handled several Fancy steel belts and see no reason why we couldn't work on them but the ones we handled didn't need any repairs.

Basically we can work on pretty much any modern metal belt from the 20th or 21st century.

Belts we cannot work on in any major way are Latowski, Reinholds and products by Steel Werks Extreme.

We can source replacement locks for Reinholds and may be able to remove flaking paint and repaint the belt but fibreglass is not really our line.

We can repolish,replace broken catchs and padlocks on Latowski. For any major work on these belts you need to return them to the original maker if still in business or find someone highly skilled in the arts of metal shaping or fibreglass construction and repair.

Many Tollyboy products are copied, but none equal our quality.
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