WB/100 - DB/100
Step 1Measure the waist as it normally is. Pull the waist in as far as possible and then measure it again. This is just to establish a preliminary base line.
Step 2Fasten around the waist a one inch (25mm) wide belt making sure that it is horizontal and not dipped down in front. Make a mark on the centre front of the person being measured level with the underside of the belt. (Depending on anatomy this maybe above, below or on the belly button)
Step 3Adjust the belt to the smallest circumference at which you feel you could wear it and mark the position on the belt. Do not be tempted to settle for a nice comfortable fit, aim at a tight rather than a loose fit. Remove the belt, lay it out flat and measure from the end to the reference mark to determine the length.
Step 4Measure largest circumference over the hips. If this is not bigger than the waist measurement then then belt will not work as it can be pulled down.

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