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Waist Belt Model No: WB /100


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This waist belt is identical to those used on the other appliances, incorporating the same locking system. A chrome steel crotch chain is fitted, one end of which is permanently connected to a D-ring at centre back. The other end is terminated into the locking mechanism at the front waist, this can be used to form a simple chastity device, NP/100 plugs can be used. D-rings are fitted on either side of the waist. Thigh bands can also be fitted if required.

Approximate weight: 1lb 2oz (0.51 Kg)
Supplied with two keys.


Waist Belt Model No: WBTB/100


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Similar to WB/100 but without the crotch chain.  It is fitted with thigh bands instead, and is mainly used as a restraint or gender training device.

Approximate weight: 2lb 8oz (1.1 Kg)
Supplied with two keys.


Dress Belt Model No: DB/100


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Designed to be worn over a dress or or tight lacing corset as a security device. The internal surface is polished to a smooth satin finish and the rounded edges and external surface polished to a mirror finish. Manufactured in 1.25" wide high grade stainless steel the belt is identical to the appliance waist bands and uses the same locking mechanism

Approximate weight: 14ozs (0.4 Kg)
Supplied with two keys.

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