The Tollyboy website has recently been totally overhauled and in the process it was discovered that many pages were missing or incomplete in at least some languages. The measuring charts are only available in English. Many new pages have been added to the website, e.g. spares and repairs, the measuring page has been totally rewritten to now link to measuring charts specific to the belt being ordered rather than the generic charts of the past. This has required hundreds of new files much of it translated with It is certain that there will be translation errors introduced during this rewrite so if anyone cares do do some proof reading it will be greatly appreciated. If anyone cares to take on the translation of the measuring charts that would be truely wonderful. The languages I will need most help with are Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish, but feel free to draw my attention to errors in any of them including English. If you are interested in contributing to this project then please contact us at translation project


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