NC/100 - JC/100
AImportant it is essential that the collar should not be a tight fit on the neck, it can give rise to a dangerous situation. An ordinary fabric or plastic tape measure of the type used for dressmaking is best for taking the measurements. Measure the circumference of the neck over the Adams apple with the tip of the forefinger inside the tape measure; this will ensure adequate clearance. No attempt should be made to achieve a snug fit, under certain conditions the neck can swell so allowance must be made.
BWhile measuring the circumference of the neck also consider the height of the collar. It can be helpful to make up a temporary collar our of thin card and tape it around the neck if you are considering a very high collar just to be sure it is actually possible. Neck length is very variable. Standard collars are 1 or 1.25 inches wide and should be suitable for anybody.

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