Important thigh bands are supported by a waistband of some form either the waist band of a chastity belt or a plain belt dedicated to supporting the thigh bands. If you require the bands to be supported by a chastity belt please use one of the chastity belt measuring charts. Note the price of thigh bands does not include the cost of the supporting belt. It is essential that the measurements you record are as accurate as possible. A high degree of care and attention must be given to this task. Take plenty of time, repeating the measurement procedure until you are confident you are recording consistent and accurate values. These ranges of belt sets are of a riveted construction and are not adjustable. Whilst small errors are not difficult to correct, major ones will invariably incur higher cost. An ordinary fabric or plastic tape measure of the type used for dressmaking is best for taking the measurements. You should aim at a tight rather than a loose fit, as experience shows a tight fit is far more comfortable than a loose one, which may also degrade effectiveness.

The subject should stand erect with their feet about twenty-four inches (600 mm) apart and hands placed on back of their head while all the measurements are taken. These Belt sets are designed to fit into waist and cannot be worn on the hips like some fashionable jeans, trousers and skirts. The main reference point for all measurements is the bottom edge of the waistband, so it is of crucial importance that it is measured to fit the waist.

For the person with a fuller or waistless figure, the Belt set will only be secure if the waistband is smaller than the circumference of the hips. Measurement M should be used to determine this, and the degree of discomfort that results. All measurements must be taken next to the skin.

Waist normal
A =
A =
Waist controlled ( take a deep breath and pull in to make it as small as possible)
B =
B =
Waist measurement using one inch wide belt.
M =
M =
Hips circumference
N =
N =
Body height.
P =
P =
Adjust the belt to the smallest circumference at which you feel you could wear it and mark the position. Do not be tempted to settle for a nice comfortable fit, aim at a tight rather than a loose fit. Remove the belt, lay it out flat and measure from the end to the reference mark to determine the length.The waistband will be made to this measurement. A and B are used to provide a comparative check.

I certify that these measurements are correct. Signed _____________________________

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Waist Belt
Thigh Bands


NP/100 The standard plug measures 1" diameter, length 4.5" (25.4 x 114.3 mm). If this is adequate for your requirements enter STD on the order form. Other size plugs can be made to order: our maximum machining limits are 2.5" diameter (63.5mm), length 10" (254mm). Indicate the size you require on the order form. For plugs over 1.5" (38.1mm) diameter and 6" in (152.4mm) length, please add £5.00.

D-RINGS Please indicate the locations of extra rings. (Please note, the front centre waist band location is not suitable for a ring.)

Thigh Bands The degree of restraint imposed by thigh bands is dictated to a large extent by the position they occupy and the links between them. The lower the position the more restrictive they become. On female belts it is better to have permanent links between the bands. For most purposes a 3" linkage is adequate and quite practical. A separate chain loop and lock is available if preferred. Please indicate on order form P for permanent linkage and distance between bands, or CL for chain loop.


With the belt still in position around the waist, fit another belt or similar around one of the thighs at the desired position (6" above the knee is a typical choice, lower than this is not very practical).

Measure from the bottom edge of the waist belt at the side, down over the hip to the top edge of the thigh belt keeping the tape in contact to follow the hip profile. Mark the thigh belt before you remove it, lay it out flat and measure from the end to the reference mark to determine the circumference. Repeat this procedure with the other thigh in case there is any significant difference.

Right Thigh Circumference
Left Thigh Circumference
Side Chain Length