Original Security Belts

by Richard Davies

Protecting your assets since 1956

1st December 2011

Dear customers I am sorry I have been not been updating any information on the webpages for a long time now. This is because I haven't known what was happening so it has not really been possible to tell you either.

It now seems that Tollyboy will ultimately be moving to Melbourne, Australia. Until the move is complete I am keeping the workshop in England and will be working between Australia and England, probably about 2 - 3 months in each country. I have at present only basic workshop facilities in Australia and am intending to concentrate on making belt parts for stock ready for assembley in England and simple bondage equipment in the Australian shop.
(Items which will appear on the website once I have finished some prototypes.)

I have just spent a month in the English shop doing sorely needed maintanence so it is ready to work as soon as I get back to it early in 2012. (Dates not known yet but possibly January and/or March. I will update you all when I know.)









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